Ep. 1 – The Hart Files: A Woman’s Tuition

Chicago, 1984, where it’s always cloudy and the streets overrun with crime. Valerie Hart, a private detective, along with her trusted companion, Anita Johnson, are there to stop this crime wave and keep these streets safe. When the Dean of a local woman’s college requests her help, Val is thrust into a missing persons case that will boggle the mind. Can she solve this mystery? Find out in The Hart Files: A Woman’s Tuition.

Owner Of A Lonely Heart – Yes
Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

Voice Actors:
Val Hart – Emily Corley
Anita Johnson – Jordan Johnson
Dean Kane Dean – Dr. Keith Jones
Cassidy Lopez – Hope Seo
Winnie Wheaton – Isobel Wilkes
Janet Macintosh – Joella Dunn
Ronald Fine – Katie Edge
Liz Prowers – Emily Hardy
Nancy Blue – Erin Drake
Brick Mason – Sam Scott
Piero Torelli – Dr. Scott Robbins

Sound effect credits:
freesound.org users – DBKEEBLER, renatofarabeuf, kwahmah_02, Motion_S, dobroide, paulmessier, InspectorJ, michaelkoehler, bulbastre, rivernile7

Ep. 1 – She Blinded Me With Science

Join Mikayla Santoro and Gretchen Marlow for a discussion about the science of hurricanes, the weirdness of human tears generating electricity, Rosalind Franklin, and an interview with Jessica Morgan, a senior biochemistry major.







Ep. 1 – Trial and Error: Our Experiences

Three sophomores at Converse College, Caitlynn Jarvis, Bria Duncan, and Dani Varquez sit down in this conversational podcast to discuss the bain of their existence: shaving. Why do we do it, where we do it, and how we feel about it.

Put the razors away and tune into the first episode of Trial and Error: our experiences, a podcast starring the spooky process of body hair removal.

Presidential Podcast: An Interview with President Newkirk

A conversational interview with the new president of Converse College, Krista Newkirk. Join CoCo Radio in celebrating the inauguration of President Newkirk on Friday, April 21st, 2017.

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“Inspired” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License